Smile is a good thing you know!

Many times we get lost into the “survival of the fittest” syndrome that we seem to forget that there is a debt we owe our self which must not be left unpaid. In our work-life especially if you work in sales or marketing establishments, you are constrained to Smile always, for that is what it takes to win other people’s attention: Smile. We are made to believe that no one will give you attention until they could see the power of smile at work in you—regardless of your [own] inner struggles. So on many occasions Smile has been reduced to a mere means of increasing your paychecks at the end of the month.

Power of Smile
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Quite a number of empirical findings have confirmed that the Power of Smile is not only capable of giving us access to the people’s heart, but that a genuine Smile is also judged to be contagious—able to attract other people into our lives. Further study also confirms that the power of smile is able to energise your mood as well as that of the people around you (And I do not have problem with it in anyway).

But come to think of it, of what essence is the Smile we give to others, while we watch ourselves engrossed and beaten down by our inner struggles? The corporate system have made people to see Smiling as a means to a higher pay for marketers, sales manager and executives, customer representatives, network marketers and the rest; the true nature of the Power of Smile has been subdued and reduced to just a marketing tool, but Smiling goes beyond that. What majority seem to forget is that smiling is more than just a means to an end but AN END in itself! Smiling should be your conscious effort and powerful choice you make on a daily basis for a better life.

As other findings have also found, there is a very strong link between having a sound health, long life, and smiling. Studies have shown that the practice of smiling does not only make the physical facial shapes smooth but it also brings both long and short terms benefits to your overall health and wellbeing.

Beyond just increasing sales, smiling makes you look attractive always. As affirmed by Verywellmind, we are naturally attracted to people who smile. There is a real physical attraction factor linked to the practice of smiling. The power of Smile also helps us in Stress Relief. We are social beings who are prone to facing many inevitable struggles through which we could be tired and exhausted; but trying to put in some spices by smiling (at them) goes a very long way.

More Things the Power of Smile can Do

The Power of Smile
The Power of Smile

It makes you feel Good.

According to a research, smiling helps you to release endorphins, natural painkillers, and serotonin. And the combination of these three can make you feel good all over your body system. Because they are able to make you feel relax and reduce physical pains.

It makes you look younger than your age You see, smiling does not only make your feel relax and reduce pain, it also saves you from ageing. It makes you look more agile and full of life.

The power of smile saves [you] from high blood pressure When you strive to put smile on your face all the time, there is a measurable reduction in your blood pressure.

Smiling helps you maintain a positive attitude in the face of life struggles.

Personally I am someone who doesn’t get over wounds easily as many people around me thought I am. Sometime I live with many pains until I could see them healed. And because of my personality–someone who loves to put smile on people’s faces and light every environment I find myself, majority around me seem not to really bother whether I even receive back what I am striving to give to people at any time. It has been a mixed feeling over time. But one thing has remained constant all this while, the fact that I have received a Divine Help to Smile back at those unpalatable experiences around me. As a spiritually minded person, I have been enlightened enough to smile back at whatever situation, disappointment and difficulty that may seem abound in this side of one’s life. And learning to Smile at them has really played a huge role in putting my life together even in the face of adversity.

Lastly, the power of Smile presents you as someone who possesses a strong personality. It has been said over time that people with strong mental health can survive any situation. That is undeniable. In addition to that, Smiling makes you appear as not only a fighter but also as a Winner. It helps you to be in control of the situation around you; and on the other hand, present you as someone who can be walked up to by other people for help concerning overcoming the challenges of life. Smiling is a way of showing people how mentally strong you are. It is a way of encouraging other people around you that life is worth living; the most important thing is to learn to be happy. Are you currently discouraged and feel like surrendering? Do you feel disappointed by friends and family? Don’t get too overwhelmed by those events: just GO AHEAD AND ON YOUR POWER OF SMILE!

The Power of Smile

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