Learning they say is both conscious and unconscious. Learning happens everywhere, including places we never expected. Have you ever caught an idea or be inspired in places like your rest room, bathroom and other places of such? That is how ubiquitous learning could be. It is part of everything we do.

Recently, surfing through pages of many websites in search of a concept, I decided to take a little step away from my computer and take a breath. And behold what I came back with: it was a great lesson that I believe worth sharing with someone out there. The road to success I have once heard that it’s not straight, and I think this is a reason why many people consider giving up along the way before they even smell their destinations. This attitude caught across various disciplines, how we do relationship and how we set our goals. There are people who give up even before they finish planning their goals. Starting from the planning stage, there was already a reason to quit. This also includes business people, educationist/teachers or what have you!

As a business owner, parent, guidance and teacher how do you feel about the plan you make, what is your expectation over them after all? As a business owner and educationist, I think it is very paramount that we carry in mind often, a desired success for everything we intend to do. It is a must we become ‘nerd’ and obsessive for the success we aspire over our efforts and plans. We must carry in our minds, feed our beings with success mindset over our plans and expectation so much that to be successful becomes the only result we see at the end of our execution.

Optimism as ingredient
Think about this

As a business person there is [a] need to be optimistic about your marketing goals; and as a teacher, you have to be positive about your learning goals and objectives. Life has taught me that one of the things one must never be afraid of in life is walking the path of your own uniqueness, believing in your [own] method and approach to solving issues, and your own way of defining success without hurting anyone. A little optimism added to your marketing plans, goals and objectives works miracle. As a teacher, having a positive attitude towards your students who respond to learning at their own levels goes a long way in determining the success of your career in teaching. The main goal of your profession as a teacher is not to teach really, but to desire a positive change in the life of your students.

Having a measureable knowledge of your students, both in and out of the classroom plays a huge role in determining your success and level of impact in the life of your students. As the success metrics of a good business is not only to make sales and increase the company’s ROI, but also to make a positive impact in the life of the community; so is the success metrics of a teacher, your main goal is to effect a change in the life of your pupils who can in return impact their communities and society at large.

What is your success metrics as a business owner and teacher? What does success means to you? Kindly drop your comment below

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