There are many challenges to talk about concerning the Nature of Schooling in Nigeria. The situation of the country especially in ‘education’ arena on many occasions is capable of shifting one’s attention to alternatives instead of what you used to be passionate about or would have loved to do without obstruction. It is unfortunate that sometime many people only got to know that there are less available jobs for people who actually wanted (and deserve) it, only after they have completed their higher education and went back to their various homes. The jobs are becoming lesser while the number of qualified candidates continue to increase geometrically. And this has nothing to do with your course of study in school. Unavailability of jobs is not your fault so [I will advise] stop banging your head on the wall because you are yet to secure [one].

We live in a nation where even if you go to higher institution to get a degree in Sachet Water Packaging or Friend-zoning Resolution, there is every tendency you may get job where you are NOT needed depending on how politically exposed you are. Or divine favour for the religious people.

General Assumption on the Nature of Schooling

There used to be a general assumption that studying a particular course would secure you an automatic job immediately after your degree program: I think things are changing faster now than that pattern of thinking. Unfortunately many people still believe this assumption, thinking if they had studied another course they could have had a better job prospect in a global market. What an assumption! Your course of study is not what brings ‘limitations’ you think you are currently having, it is the system wherein you have find yourself. Reality seems to come to many people late.

Myth on The Nature of Schooling in Nigeria

Recently a friend was sharing with me an incident in a school where he used to be a science teacher. There was a vacancy in the school that they wanted to fill. They needed a Biology teacher. And among the applicants was a candidate who studied Medicine in a University. Perhaps because of the name and standard of the school, “many outsiders think we collect so much money as a salary”, he said. On another occasion in an on online forum I belong, someone posted a question asking people to post what they studied in school and what they are for living presently. And there also we have someone who did Medical Rehabilitation in school but now into shoe-selling business.

Yet Another Myth on The Nature of Schooling in Nigeria

I have heard it said severally that there are no qualified candidate for the available jobs, but this to me is mere assumption as far as I am concerned. Within the last 2 years in the country there have been increase in number among Nigerians who have completed their online courses and continue to acquire more knowledge through the distant education that internet provides. The number of Certifications in different specialisations among Nigerian youths is on an increasing side; so how then can we say there are no/less qualified candidate for the available job where people are being taught not only by world-class professors and professionals who are making their classes practical-based, but also provide opportunities to learn Soft-skills which are necessary for corporate world?

Am I saying that having many certifications in addition to what you learn schooling in Nigeria is synonymous to professionalism and ability to deliver in any giving assignment? No! But my argument remains that: there are no qualified candidate for available jobs is to me a mere assumption.

Between Education and the Nature of Schooling

The Nature of Schooling is different from having education. Schooling in Nigeria and getting educated on some instances may need to be separated sometime for us to have a clear understanding of the problem that we are trying to address. Notwithstanding, both can interwoven sometime; for example, the nature of schooling in Nigeria affords one an opportunity to cultivate pragmatic collaborative skills, team-work, helps in communication, understanding personal preferences, tolerance etc. while on the other hand, all these are parts of being educated. Education prepares you for life, but schooling helps you in navigating through it. Sometime by relationship with other people.

Reflection on nature of schooling
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The Insider of View of Nature of Schooling in Nigeria

Within Nigeria schooling system there are quite a number of self-sponsored students today who are also doing their best to make life better for them and their families. Unfortunately there are less opportunities created for them due to the Nature of Schooling in Nigeria, yet, they are putting in effort never to be ignorant or complacent in climbing the ladder of greatness. Education as it were is different from schooling. You can be schooled without being educated; and having education without the experience of schooling for personal development is also an incomplete education. Wading through Nigeria schooling system sometime requires hard work, commitment and dedication for many people. Therefore, whatever self-denial and sacrifice you paid for you to have a Degree becomes Useless the day you begin to lose the consciousness of the fact that you have Degree (s) in a certain field of discipline. Learn to connect dots-to-dots; experience on experience; build knowledge on knowledge. No matter what life throws at you after school, do not lose a touch of transformable experience that schooling in Nigeria provides for your Self-growth.

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