One of the challenges that content writers and producers often faced is how to make people aware of their contents without having to go through so much stress or break their pockets. On many occasions, we are often told to concentrate our energy on gaining organic traffic from Google—which is good, but being favoured by Search Engine cannot be done in a day. It’s not a day job; rather, a process that requires consistent efforts until you are noticed.

So the question is, before you start to gain traffic from Search Engines, should you leave your content unnoticed? No is my answer. I do not think the effort you put into putting those sentences and paragraphs together deserves that.

Moreover, making your content known doesn’t have to be a Rocket Science, all that you need to do is having the right strategies in place. So what are other ways to boost your traffic outside Search Engine? There are two identified channels that come to mind;

No. 1, Content Scheduling to Social Media

Leveraging on Social Media platforms cannot be overemphasized at this point. It’s a place that every serious minded business person must strive to be if they still want to stay relevant in their industry. Therefore, as you seek to earn organic traffic from Search Engines, do well to make the best use of your Social Media profiles as well. And one of the ways to make that happen is through Content Scheduling to your Social Media profiles. If you are currently running your Blog on WordPress, there are various plugins that you can install on your Blog to make it happen. #CoSchedule Wp Plugin for example would give you an opportunity to schedule posts at a time when you know your online followers would be active [online] even if you are not. Schedule your post to automatically shared to your Social Media profiles for your followers to be aware that you now have new content posted on your Blog.

No. 2, Using Social Sharing Plugins.

To make your online followers aware of your new blog posts is a good thing but to maximize that opportunity, you need to encourage them to help you share your content to their profiles as well. By doing this, more and more people would get to know about your blog without having to spend a dime on marketing. There are various plugins that can also help you in this regard, but the best of them based on personal experience is #Sassy Social Sharing. With Sassy Social Sharing plugin, you can insert into different sections—top, body or footer of your content so that as they read your post, they also have the opportunity to share them over, easily.

In conclusion, leveraging on your Social Media networks is another major channel through which you can get traffic to your Blog at zero cost. Endeavor to make the best use of them.

Wish you all the best in your digital lifestyle journey.

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