You Need SEO Audit if you have ever made any effort or attempt to find favour with Search Engines. Whether through paid Search Engine Marketing or traffic that come from Organic Search, SEO Audit is one of the important factors you must put into consideration in evaluating your marketing plans.

What Exactly is SEO Audit?

An SEO Audit can be defined as a deliberate and intentional action that involves the analysis of the performance of your online presence, in relation to Search Engines. It is the beginning of creating a realistic [marketing] plan that could bring measurable results. Search Engine Optimization remains a fundamental strategy and success determinant factor to any digital marketing plan, and the elemental channel of driving traffic to your site. It is a unique way of showcasing your business with an inherent capacity to continually win potential customers to your business. It is a major part of User acquisition and sales performance that demands an ongoing efforts and support.

Why do you need SEO Audit?

The primary aim of SEO Audit is identify as many as possible fundamental issues that may be injurious to your organic search performance. SEO Audit will bring to your notice;

  • Issues that are affecting your SEO technically
  • Issues that are pertaining to your website structure
  • Any issues related to User Experience on Your website
  • Provides insights on how to win over your competitors
  • Helps in content structuring and opportunities
  • Provides suggestions on remedy your On-Site SEO issues
  • Safe your online business from potential off-site problems

Like a health check you often do for your body system which gives you an opportunity to be updated about health status, an SEO Audit is a diagnosis for your website–it is a standard procedure that should occur on regular basis—very essential. There must be a constant Audit of your SEO strategy. And be up to date on algorithms of major search engines, off-page SEO best practices, Google algorithm updates, and other search strategy knowledge. This will help you in monitoring your SEO effort, evaluate your SEO Performance and provides you an opportunity for failure-proof SEO future plan.

The Nature of SEO Audit

SEO Audit is like two-sides of a coin; contains both On-site and Off-site. This on other context is addressed as Content Analysis and Technical Analysis on your SEO. The goal of SEO Audit is to provide a platform for auditing your website. This includes your rankings, backlink profile, your current content as well as other things that could be hindering your search engine performance.  

Many businesses around the world are currently spending thousands of dollars on developing and maintaining a sustainable SEO strategy. According to Udacity, an average salary for an SEO expert in United States falls between $75-78k a year. That is, an average of over $6,000 Dollars a month. That is what an SEO analysts make on an average.

However, it is still not impossible that out of so much being spent on SEO Efforts, little to none results are being achieved. Having so much to spend on your SEO strategy is not a guarantee for a sustainable result. There are so many factors that come to play in achieving Search Engine Optimization goals.

Although, readiness to spend some money is important, spending is not the only factor for SEO Success. It is all about how you position your site for Search Engine to be able to crawl it. Hence the reason for constant SEO Audit. You need a plan on how to manage your SEO campaigns with a data-oriented decision making process. On a daily basis, a number of things keep changing, different updates due to changes in technology. Therefore, you must be able to define your SEO success metrics, develop and manage high-quality reporting, communicate performance and insights that reflect progress toward [your] Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Fortunately, there are quite a number of free SEO tools that are available online which you can use to your satisfaction.

Free Tools for SEO Audit

On a first note, I will recommend you visit Pingler.com. Google Pingler service helps in crawling your site and gives you a helpful insight about your website. It is a free service by Google and it can help your SEO Audit process.

Google Analytics

This is another product from Google which was developed to provide an in-depth analysis of your website, blog, content of any kind etc. With Google Analytics you can now have an accurate and insightful data you can leverage on to make a better decision about your online business performance.

In couple with that, our organisation is currently rendering SEO Audit service for free and you can take advantage of this offer by following this link.


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