TruexGOLD is Nigeria’s No.1 Crypto-currency Exchanger located in Owerri, southern part of the country. A currency exchange service provider that gives you an opportunity to instantly place order, either buying or selling, and exchange of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Advanced cash, Perfect money, Payeer, Binary, planetofbets and fifty other digital currencies.

It is one great platform that takes the challenge of your cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other e-currencies’ conversion off your mind, and give you a peace of mind instead. With their platform you can easily convert your e-currency of any kind into a local currency to meet your needs when it’s needed.


  • Fast delivery
  • Simple to Use User interface
  • Professional customer representative
  • Standby human operator
  • Opportunity to earn on their platform

All these are qualities that their platform offers you. When you place order with them, you can be rest assured that you are not dealing with a machine but real life human beings who are ready to carry out your transaction with full respect for your time and resources. TRUEXGOLD is recommended for you in your next transaction if you are the type who places values on time and quality service delivery in your dealings.

In this article moreover, I will like to walk you through how to place your first order with TRUEXGOLD using the case study of ETHEREUM.

TO BUY AND SELL YOUR Ethereum on, log on to Truexgold

(This is the look of their home page down below). Click on the Sign Up button at the right corner of the page

TrueXGOLD home page
Image Credit: TrueXGOLD

It would take you to the registration page:

TrueXGOLD Registration Page

TruexGOLD has already shown you they cannot wait to meet you by making their registration page so simple for you to fill. It is hassle free; takes you less down a minute to join their company. Quickly fill in the details and answer the question to confirm a bot is not filling a form for you. (You can quickly checkup the question up on Google in case you are not a mathematical person like me). Lol! After filling the form, the below page should appear.

TrueXGOLD Registration confirmation page

The page will automatically take you to the next phase which is directly into your account. This is another reason you should consider TrueXGold for your next transaction. Absolutely free of stress when you need to login into your account. This is what you should see below when you have successfully logged in into your account: a page indicating your unique username.

TrueXGOLD username page

And before I move on, let me also call your attention to this resources which also contribute to the reliability and ingenuity of TruexGOLD as far as cryptocurrency dealing is concerned:

TrueXGOLD banner

You are given an opportunity to see what other people are saying about them, their reviews and experiences in dealing with them over time. Aside from that, TruexGOLD also gives an opportunity to earn from your effort of referring other people to them. This is another way to reward your patronage and dealings with them. You stand to earn not only when you buy from them, but also by referring other people to them. You have opportunity to check how rates change per time. Crypto world is a market place where every second and minute counts. Market changes every now and then, so TruexGOLD gives you an opportunity to be well-informed even before you place your order. They go extra mile to place in your hand, a tool that can guide your decision in market, free of charge. Couple with that, you also have access to their support staff who are ready to attend to your complaints as you send them in. You can as well make use of the live chat to talk directly to any of the staffs without having to leave their website or spending extra cost on a phone call.

Having talked about other advantages and reasons you should consider TruexGOLD; let us proceed into placing our Ethereum order on TO BUY ETHEREUM, log in into your account;

TrueXGOLD Exchange Page

From the dashboard of your account, let me remind you that there are different ways by which you could place your order. You can start by clicking on EXCHANGE from anywhere you are on their site. Then click on ETH as identified above.

TrueXGOLD Ethereum link

When you see the page above, click on

This is the transaction page that you should see next:

TrueXGOLD order page

Fill in the required details and click on EXCHANGE to continue with the transaction.

Note: This transaction is performed by the operator in manual mode and takes 5 to 30 minutes during working hours (daily from 9:00 to 24:00 MSK). And do not forget to select the currency you want to exchange, which in this context is Ethereum ETH and the amount.

You should see the above page after you click on EXCHANGE; check whether the provided information are correct before you proceed again. Then tick that box to agree with the terms and conditions then click CREATE ORDER

TrueXGOLD Create Order Page

Having clicked on CREATE ORDER, it will take you to a page that looks like something below.

TrueXGOLD Paid to finish page

Click on PAID to finish your transaction.

In addition, TRUEXGOLD also gives you an opportunity to check your ORDER STATUS while under the process. At the right bar of your account dashboard, scroll down below to navigate to this section, enter your Exchange ID to know the status of your ORDER.


TO BUY ETHEREUM FROM TRUEXGOLD, you have to follow this same pattern as above with a little addition;

  1. Log in into your account on Truexgold
  2. Click on the EXCHANGE
  3. Click on ETH tab
  4. In the amount tab, type how much you are sending in naira then follow this same process.

Click on the currency list and instead of Ethereum ETH, choose Naira. In this context, what you are you sending is Naira, in order to have Ethereum ETH.


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