How I’m impacted by SEE YOU AT THE TOP by Zig Ziglar

How I’m impacted by SEE YOU AT THE TOP by Zig Ziglar

Several years ago I had a dream through the vision of the night. It was a very scary dream—at least as at then. I was walking along with some people—some I recognized by face but some I did not know. We were walking side-by-side and we got to a point at a time where we needed to climb a staircase to join some people singing at the topmost floor of that building; that was when I noticed that some of the people we were walking together were lighter than I did. They quickly jumped on the stairs and ran to the “top” ahead of me.

I almost got discouraged when I noticed that in my own case, I wasn’t the only one trying to climb that stairs to the top. There were many people who lined up behind me so each step I took [forward] was a step forward for them too; each inch I moved was a progress for them too. There were many people behind me so long I couldn’t even see the last person on the list.

The journey for me was already so LONELY; so adding or attaching some people to me was like an act of wickedness which must have been orchestrated by the village people that don’t want somebody to make it to top in no time. The funny part of that event was that the majority of those people—attached to me, I really didn’t know them or having met them before.

Well, I woke up from that dream discouraged and heavily-hearted. I really, really felt bad as I saw the dream as one of those strategies and attempt to ‘weigh’ me down. But I still managed to pray a prayer of deliverance anyways and put that ‘negative energy’ behind me.

Then some years later, one of my senior brothers lent me a book written by Zig Ziglar, title: SEE YOU AT THE TOP, to read. One of the emphasized philosophies that the book advocates says, “You Can Have Everything In Life You Want If You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want.”

BEAM! There was an Illumination! It was like a light just shone on me as I came across that word, I was instantly transported back to that dream I had years back. I had a strong conviction in me that that was the accurate interpretation to that dream. I got an Epiphany.

That dream had nothing to do with “village people”, it is simply the Revelation of my purpose in life—creating a consciousness in me that my life is not mine [alone]—that there are destinies connected to it. And each step I take must be with those other people in mind. From that moment onward, I got an understanding that my joy in life comes by how much joy I strive to put in other people’s life. Since that day I have been trying all my best to pattern my life accordingly.

This is part of the reasons I resent improper view of individuality. This is another reason I strongly believe in communal living. This is why I am passionate about Family as God sees it. This is what I wake up to make happen all day. This is what my organization seeks to achieve in all its entire purpose. Maranatha Vision Impact exist to Educate. Collaborate. And Elevate people—giving them a proper sense of [attaining] Self-hood.


And so, some days ago I paid a visit to a friend and what a good feeling for me meet that book again in her office. Now a Revised Version. She’s someone special to my heart who’s always willing to let go of whatever she believes could be of help to me and my organization as long it’s in her power, so I have been perusing this other one too since then. I will like to share some tips from that revised version later but before then, have I told you that we all made it to that “Topmost” floor in that dream? Yes, we did! All of US!

Although looking forward, that dream still appears to me scary, yet I’m willing to go for it because I [believe] am Able; and with God on my side, I shall take the land. We shall take the land!

You know why? Because “You Can Have Everything In Life You Want If You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want.”

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