The first job offer I got as a Certified Digital Marketer came from Fiverr and I was able to work with the company for 2 months I think. I was in charge of all their Social Media profiles including pinterest—though pinterest was later removed because of the charge.

The company never spent a cent on the Ads throughout the time I was with them, aside from my own pay. No sponsored Ads; nothing! But they told me their sales actually increased during that period and I could say that I wasn’t doing anything outside just posting—but posting the right message in the right way.

I later got another job offer with a local business (offline) but the experience was different because you are expected to be at work from a particular time to a particular time, unfortunately the online offer (where I don’t even have leave the comfort of my room), paid more.  

So I made sure my LinkedIn Profile is well-optimized. I have been called up for various interviews from my LinkedIn application but Pay often times disrupt the flow. Take it or leave it, for Digital Marketers in Nigeria, being underpaid is an Understatement. I know what I’m talking about.

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I applied for an Assistant Senior Marketer job on LinkedIn and after some days I was called up for an interview again—this time in Abuja. I went to do some background study and had an ample information about the company which actually turned my interview session to (almost a staff meeting). In my interview I told them things I have found when I was asked that [particular] question that everybody should always prepare for when you are going for an interview: “So tell us, what do you know about this company?” I answered the question straight and added some of the lapses that I have discovered about the company’s online presence.

 I wasn’t bothered about what if I never got the job. But I’m sure they knew if any of their competitors should later employ me that would be to their disadvantage (that impression deliberately created); and if I was employed by them it means I will have to fix it by myself—I don’t have problem with that as well. So it’s a Win-Win thing!

But it wasn’t funny when they checked through my Resume and they saw that I really didn’t study any Marketing related course in school; many questions started popping up and I just had to get out of the way and let my Digital Marketing Certification speak for itself. You see, ONE thing must become clear to us all (Digital Marketers), that YOU ARE A MARKETER! You’re a marketer who specializes in using Digital Tools to solve Sales and Marketing Problems. You have to see yourself that way.  You have to understand that the goal of every business is to make profit; and this is why they often look for marketers. So if you can bring people to visit their businesses using your own (Digital) approach, believe me you will have that job.

I needed to make them understand that there is a difference between me and a ‘normal’ marketer on the street. For me I don’t need to knock anybody’s gate to get my product to their door step. I bypass security guys and walk in straight to the Oga’s table to drop my “flyers”. Lol!


Of course, the interview ended and I was later called up for the job but I was not okay with the pay and some of their policies. But you know what?

Always remember that a day will always come in the life of A Digital Marketer when you may be asked to defend your Certification (If you claim to have one); that day where you will have to prove what makes you different from a tradition marketer: Please Don’t let this community down!

Just Be Ready.

We Are Digital Marketer…
Keeping Staying Safe!

Digital Marketer
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