As an undergraduate student, particularly in my third year, one of my favourite places then was my school library. Inside that library was a section named “Reference Room” where books of various kinds could be found. Although many of them were already old, there are no old books especially when there is need for one to trace the origin of a particular concept. It means you must trace your work back to the origin of that topic/concept. So old books are very useful in that context.

There are books in that section that can almost make a witch or wizard out of one if proper care is not taking. This was a place I came across books of Greek mythology as well as their ideology, philosophy and how they lived when they were ‘human’.

“Reference Room” for me became a ‘shrine’ where daily ritual had to be performed. I must visit that place to read not my normal course materials, but a book that I had discovered in that library titled: THE ZOHAR. It is a book on Jewish mystical thought otherwise referred as the Kabbalah. It was written in both Hebrew and English Languages and being a student of Old Testament study, I could read the book as it was written.

nature of schooling

So I flew on.

It was from the Kabbalah that I had more understanding of what Human Mind is capable to achieve. According to a sage, “why do I need a spaceship, when I can reach the space with my mind”; your mind can visit places, and your body can as well feel the experience.

Human mind is endowed with a capacity to bring to fruition, everything they set their mind on. And even God recognises this.  God gave us that ability isn’t it? That there is something spectacular about being human and their own [unique] ways of understanding cosmos through the engagement of their Mind.

As a technology inclined person also, I have followed over the years, trends in technology innovations. I love creativity and innovation, I give it a very keen attention. And if you know me personally, you’ll know I can discuss it all day. In fact, if anyone had told any of my senior friends or even myself at a time that I’ll have my Degree in Education, and not even in science subject but Religious Studies, I would have revolted right there.

But in spite of that, my love and passion for technology still lives on. My organisation, registered with Corporate Affairs Commission, is built around Edtech, driven by technology 24/7. I’m a lover of technology; but I’m not a ‘tech-flirt’ person. My life is not driven by technology, even though my organisation seemingly does.

And I think this is where the boundaries need to be drawn, when it comes to our relationship with innovation and advancement in technology. Technology has cut across different phases of our lives; even the anti-5G conspiracy theorists need it to promote their agenda. So it is a necessary evil that we may have to live with for now.

To every innovation comes a new challenge and some disadvantages; but I strongly believe there is a need for us to weigh our options. From my little research into 5G Network—which also includes consulting experts who are specialists in communication research, I have been made to believe that 5G Network is going to be very intrusive. I mean, it is a type of technology with a focus to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices. 5G Network is going to connect everyone to everything. And this is exactly where my own sentiment lies. This is my greatest concern.

What would happen to our Humanity, when part of us is given to machines and devices?


How would Freedom, which supposed to be one of the fundamental definitions of being human, be defined? What would privacy looks like? Because we all need it! What happens when my self-driven car, which is made possible by 5G Network is hacked into and driven into an unknown destination in the den of men of the underworld? How would being secured and free be defined in the age of 5G and beyond?

I strongly hold that human beings supposed to control technology and not the other way round. And the truth remains that; for now, no one knows how far the 5G Revolution can go in penetrating our private lives as human beings; but I believe whosoever controls the 5G Revolution controls the world.

Having followed the event of time as a social observant, I have seen the other side of 3G and 4G to human community. Isn’t it funny, that many people prefer to take a picture of an accident and post on their social media profile, rather than rendering a helping hand!

Majority will rather get busy operating their phones with their earphones plugged-in, than getting to know their neighbour and their environment. Something is already happening to our Human Community even before we are ‘connected to machines and devices’, but how would our lives look like, when they are?


I do not have problem with creativity and innovation, but I am concerned about our humanity. What happens to communal life which is one of the attributes of being human, at the arrival of 5G Network?

I am fully aware of the economic advantage and easy mobility that it delivers; but be that as it may, is the life of a man all about his economic capacity? If we look beyond the economic advantages and fast internet speed, what other values does 5G network offers us as human society?

There are so many questions on my mind; what would being Human be like in the future and for our children unborn?  Do we need to pay more attention to what being human is before we think of different tech innovations to help them live better?

These are questions that come from my depth of love for humanity and passion for their future; and both are deeply rooted in my faith.

Is the life of a man all about economy power? I think we need to ask (Luke 12:15).

The scripture says, “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ” (Phil. 2:5).

Remember the saying of Jesus Christ, “Love the Lord you God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind; and love your neighbour as yourself” (Matt. 22:37).

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