Revd. Sam Adeyemi, the senior pastor of Daystar Christian Center, once said according to research, “Mondays are those days when most peoples’ blood pressure usually gets escalated”. But why? It’s been also proven that, oftentimes many people don’t really enjoy what they do, nor happy with their daily lives, jobs, or relationships but at the same time continue to cope with it anyways.

To many people, Mondays sometime come and make a bubbling and memorable time they have enjoyed with their loved ones over the weekend, a monument. Mondays pop up and ruin [almost] everything. You are now being taken away from the loving, cradling arms of the weekend and thrown at the feet of seemingly ‘merciless’ Monday where you labour and strive to meet up with divers ‘deadlines’. This is the way many people have believed Mondays to be. To many, Monday is that day that many people are afraid of—even though it doesn’t have to be.

So how do you free yourself of such parading fear of Mondays?

Here are 3 tips we have for you today:

1. Be Creative.

In the word of Edward de Bono, “Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” It is possible that one of the reasons you resent Mondays is the nature of boredom you often encounter in your work, however, being creative with it, could elevate you out of that experience. Of course, it is not impossible that, the only thing you may need for a happy life could be the question of how to fill your brain with the right information, and your mind with the right perspective about what you do; and about people that surround your life.

2. Find happiness.

Another way by which you could also make the best of Mondays [or any other day], is to locate what makes you happy about what you do. Try as much as possible to free your faculty from the negative experiences of the past, and begin today with a new energy. A new spirit. Life is a battlefield and anyone could be stricken or pierced along the way: so never allow your past wounds change you into whom you are not meant to be. You deserve to be happy. That happiness doesn’t have to come from the salary you are paid; it could be from new people you have the opportunity to meet as a result of your position in that office; and it may be from the new work environment you have been exposed. And you can always find it in what you do.

3. Be yourself.

You are unique in your way. You need to always believe it all the time. No one else looks like you all over the world, so you should learn to cultivate the habit of being in love with yourself. Now, the point is not to tell you to settle for mediocrity, but if you don’t like the result that you are having in your work, try and improve on your work as well as how you do them—your work.

And if you would like to know how you can apply technological solutions to improving your business and personal life, we are only a call or message away.

Conclusively, never forget that life also has a way of making itself happen: so you may never have to force anything that is truly meant to be. And if you truly believe in yourself, there is no need of competing with anyone.

Live your life the right way you should. That is the lifestyle of a strong soul!

Have a fulfilled week ahead!

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