Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, said in his recent interview with Google.org that, “COVID-19 feels like a CTRL+ALT+DELETE on society, it’s moving us towards collective action.”

The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has been said that it’s going to change the way we do things in prior times. Our ways of life; mode of transaction and learning. All these have experienced certain changes due to this outbreak. Covid-19 came, and in the language of Sal Khan, RESTART our ways of life.

As at the time of this writing, the keyword “New Normal” on Google search returns about 105,000,000 results depending on your location. This result in comparison to the number of people asking Google questions on a daily basis, suggest that not many people are yet to accept the fact that there’s something called new normal. And in spite of your view of it, New Normal is real. It’s a reality that the way we do things must change as the world gradually make attempt to reopen their economic activities.

However, what are the things that could help you as a person in this new era that the world (has) is entering into? In response to that, we have identified for now, three keys that you need to do to stay relevant whether in your career, business, or otherwise. Which are:

Be Open.

We have been told many times that “Learning is continuous”. I do not think there’s a better time to embody that phrase than now! Being opened to new knowledge and ways of getting things done today is key. To be relevant in the time of “New Normal”, you need to have a learning mindset. What are the things that are changing? What can I do to stay relevant? These are the things that are necessary to know at this point in time.


Right now, part of what you may need to take seriously is how to expand your network. LinkedIn.com gives you opportunity to do this, but you may also need to be on lookout for virtual conferences that are available online. There are various online establishments that give you an opportunity to be aware of learning and networking opportunity that is available to you. Eventbrite.com for example, gives you opportunity to browse various life changing events that match your passion; and you can as well create your own event and charge for it.

Understand Time Zones.

Under “New Normal”, boundaries that exist between locations would fade out. Meaning that everyone may have no option than to become a global citizen. And what could make that happen is #Digital. However, you must not forget that the gap that digital space covers for us does not eradicate the differences that exist in [our] time zones. Although Digital space provides you an opportunity to take your business beyond the boundary of your country, you also need to understand how to sell your product to a people outside your country. For example, you need to find out when to reach out to a certain client in a particular country. When is the best time to place a call through to a prospect who lives many kilometres away from your location? In this regards, www.worldtimezone.com should be your best friend.

These are key things you need to know as you step into the era of “New Normal”. And if you’ll like to know more about any of the above identified points, do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Wish you best of luck in your endeavour.

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